Please visit our Puppy Application page if you are interested in reserving one of our puppies.  

Winter 2021 LITTERS 3 litters planned 

1) Winter Pride Reina 
2) Justice of the Peace Rich Von Freedom 
3) Ellie Rich Von Freedom

 Breed to NOBI our stud 


Our Stud NOBI

Please note these are plans so they could not happen and this is Justice and Ellie first attempt at breeding 

DSC_0338 (2).JPG
DSC_0353 (2).JPG

Breeding in Feb

Expecting short coated and long coated sable, and Black. 

Deposits Received:

1. Freedom Shepherds 

2. Open     3. Open   4. Open

Before you can be approved home for our puppies you
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How to get a puppy from us

Step 1) Please fill out an application.

Step 2) Wait for a approval

Step  3) Sign a Puppy contract 

Step  4) Submit a $500 deposit to hold your picking order

Step  5) contact us for any question or pictures  updates

Step  6) Pick puppy at six weeks (after there vet visit

Step  7) Make arrangements for pick up at 8 weeks

Step  8) Pick up pup/ shipping 

We do not accept Deposits until we have comfirmed Pregnancy