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dark sable german shepherd puppies

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$2200  Limited AKC  on a spay contract by age 24 months and Full Breeding Rights is givin on a Case by case basis!! 

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Welcome To Freedom Shepherds!!

We are a small hobby breeder of Long Coated, Dark Sables and Black, German Shepherds located in Maysville Kentucky. Health testing is very important to us we even go the extra mile and Embark DNA test our dogs in our breeding Program. We are very animal loving; it is just so fun to nurture them and watch them change as they grow up with our kids, that are 2, 7, and 11 years old. If you ask both of my parents,they would tell you that I was always doctoring animals and wanting a new fur critter whenever I could talk them into it.  Now as an ...
dark sable german shepherd puppies
black german shepherd puppy for sale
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black german shepherd puppy for sale
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Before you can be approved home for our puppies you must fill out a Puppy Application Located Under the MORE tab!

How to get a puppy from us

Step 1) Please fill out an application.

Step 2) Wait for a approval

Step 3) Sign a Puppy contract

Step 4) Submit a $500 deposit to hold your picking order

Step 5) contact us for any question or pictures updates

Step 6) Pick puppy at six weeks (after there vet visit

Step 7) Make arrangements for pick up at 8 weeks

Step 8) Pick up pup/ shipping

german shepherd puppies for sale in ky
long coat german shepherd puppies for sale
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A devoted and dependable friend who is always eager to learn new things. The German Shepherd also referred to as the Alsatian dog or GSD, is a smart dark sable german shepherd puppy breed that was developed to herd sheep. If you have the time to devote to them, these gifted dogs make wonderful family pets because of their loyal and trainable nature.

German Shepherd Personality and Temperament.

The german shepherd puppies for sale in ky have a clever, devoted, and enthusiastic nature.

  • Friendly but reserved.
  • They frequently experience separation anxiety and typically like spending time with their family.
  • Although dark sable german shepherd puppies for sale are not inherently aggressive, they can be wary of strangers at first because of their protective nature.
  • Dogs have a tendency to be kind to people and other animals, but if they are left alone for too long or don't receive enough exercise, they may develop behavioural issues like hostility.
  • Long coat german shepherd puppies for sale are known for their loud barks, but with the right socialisation, this characteristic can be lessened.

Exercise & Training for German Shepherds.

The long coat german shepherd puppies are one of the most adaptable breeds in the world thanks to its intelligence and desire to please.


  • Because of their endurance, intellect, agility, and excitement, adult German Shepherds require at least two hours of daily exercise in addition to a lot of cerebral stimulation.
  • Without enough mental and physical exercise, GSDs are more likely to release their pent-up energy through destructive or undesirable behaviours including chewing, chasing, pulling on the lead, and barking.
  • Training Advice

  • The desire to please and sensitivity to your reactions are traits of German Shepherds. Therefore, it is advisable to concentrate on applauding excellent behaviour and ignore or reject "poor" behaviour before moving on.
  • It is advisable to begin long-coat german shepherd puppy training when the dog is 8 weeks old. GSD puppies will quickly establish their own rules if they are not given structured training from an early age.
  • Prioritising socialisation is crucial since the GSD breed can become defensive around strangers because of its loyal nature. Early exposure to new situations, people, and things is important for puppies.
  • Game ideas

  • Play games that require you to look for, track, and retrieve objects.
  • GSDs are typically quite good at and willing to participate in obedience training. They are also very owner-focused.